Teacher Training Materials for ICT in Education

The successful integration of ICT into teaching and learning depends on:

  • teachers’ ability to design and/or adapt engaging learning activities and structure the learning environment in ways that merge the pedagogy with the advantages that ICT offers; and

  • managers at both ministerial and school levels, that create an enabling environment for ICT to be integrated into teaching and learning.

The Commonwealth of Learning, mostly in partnership with other organisations and institutions, has developed teacher training materials as open educational resources. The materials aim to improve teachers’ experience of teaching in the classroom with ICT and increase school managers’ involvement in ICT implementation in the school. Institutions that wish to deploy the materials can use it as is, adapt it for their own context and make their own decisions about how these materials course should be used, which technologies to use and what learning management and/or collaboration tools to deploy ....read more


COL has adopted the UNESCO ICT Competency Framework for Teachers (CFT) as the organising framework for its materials.  The UNESCO ICT CFT is arranged in three different approaches to teaching (three successive stages of a teacher's development):

  • Technology Literacy – Improving teachers’ ICT competencies to enhance classroom practices and to apply it to relevant curriculum contexts;
  • Knowledge Deepening - Enabling teachers to apply ICT in curriculum contexts so that learners acquire in-depth knowledge of their school subjects and apply it to complex, real-world problems.
  • Knowledge Creation – Teachers design classroom activities that advance the goals of knowledge creation and lifelong learning.  These include problem solving, communication, collaboration, experimentation, critical thinking, creative expression and innovation. Read more….read more