The COL approach to teacher development in ICT integration views:

  • applying content knowledge,

  • using learner-centred pedagogical approaches, and

  • integrating appropriate ICT within their own context.

The ever increasing use of technology by teachers and learners expands the need for on-going professional development of teachers on how to integrate ICT into teaching and learning.

The successful integration of ICT into teaching and learning depends on:

  • teachers’ ability to structure the learning environment  and design engaging learning activities  in ways that merge learner-centred pedagogy with the advantages that ICT offers;
  • managers at both ministerial and school levels, that create an enabling environment for ICT to be integrated into teaching and learning; and
  • technical and pedagogical support to teachers and managers in the integration of ICT.

COL recognises that teacher development in ICT embraces all three interrelated domains within the teachers’ contexts.

In professional development of teachers in ICT integration skills, ICT integration is modeled so that the teachers are able to experience how ICT can be used as an integral part of the teaching and learning experience in the school and the classroom.

COL has adopted the UNESCO ICT Competency Framework for Teachers (CFT) as the organising framework for its materials.