ICT in Education for Teachers: In-Service Guyana

Teacher Training materials for ICT in Education – Commonwealth of Learning

The ICT in Education for Teachers: In-Service Guyana is for Guyana teachers who are already working and have a few years’ career experience. The course differs not in the content or coverage but in the activities that have been set. There are numerous opportunities for in-service teachers to reflect on their current teaching practice and usage of ICTs. The course has been designed to provide teachers with appropriate education & ICT policy documents and appropriate curriculum statements.

The framework encourages cyclical growth of a teacher's ICT competency. New users should work through the Technology Literacy materials first and then graduate to the Knowledge Deepening materials. In time we will also include materials for the final cycle: Knowledge Creation. Within each cycle we have selected 5 focus areas: Understanding ICT, Curriculum & Assessment, Pedagogy, Organisation and Administration and Professional Development. These focus areas have a number of units or lessons that focus on how to integrate ICT into these areas.