While the M&E strategy is not a research instrument per se, it does provide researchers in the field of ICT in education professional development with an excellent overview of what such a strategy should take into account and what research agenda should be set. The strategy attached here was initially devised for Guyana but has already been adapted for other national contexts.


This document has attempted to show that while developing or revising ICT in education professional development programmes might initially appear daunting at either national or institutional levels, it need not be. Much work in the field has already been completed; consequently, not only is a great deal of guidance and advice available, but frameworks, tools and even full courses are available under open licenses, for adoption and repurposing. This toolkit and the list of key activities described above are the fruits of much discussion and collaborative engagement between COL, ComSec and Microsoft, and their Caribbean and Pacific partners. Hopefully, these tools will enable activity in new contexts.



Toolkit Directory
Defining the Value Proposition
Where the Tools Come From
An Overview of Available Tools:
- ICT Competency Framework
- Surveys
- Professional Development Strategy
- Curriculum Map Template
- ICT Readiness Assessment
- Course Materials
- Advocacy Strategy
- Monitoring & Evaluation
Using the Tools
Deployment Scenarios:
- Need for Govt. Frameworks
- Need for Institution Driven Change
- Need to Ascertain Success
Appendix A:
Approach to Curriculum Revision
& Materials Development
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